The Lobby Shop Episode #198: Special Election Day Pulse Check

A special Election Day edition of The Lobby Shop!  Host Liam Donovan brings you one final PRG Pulse Check for the midterms, as he breaks down the state of play as Americans head to the polls. Liam explores the GOP leaning House, the Senate teetering on a knife’s edge, and the bellwethers to watch in what is sure to be a drawn out aftermath. Finally, make sure to tune into PRG’s post-election webinar tomorrow at 1130am ET to see what it all means for the policy landscape.

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CNN Tonight, 11/4/22

I appeared on CNN Tonight with Lauren Coates and a panel that included Democratic strategist Maria Cardova and a revolving seat of PBS’ Laura Barron-Lopez, former RNC aide Doug Heye, and tech journalist Kara Swisher.

Midterm Discussion

Twitter Layoffs

Trump 2024 Chatter

Daylight Savings

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The Lobby Shop: Keystone Conversation with Peter Towey

In the latest edition of PRG’s Pulse coverage of the midterm battlegrounds, former Toomey for Senate campaign manager Peter Towey of GOP consulting firm Targeted Victory joins The Lobby Shop team for a Pulse Check on a state both parties have homed in on as the tipping point of the Senate majority. Towey breaks down the state of the race, explains the late resurgence of Dr. Oz, and tracks Pennsylvania’s shift from Blue Wall stalwart to pure bellwether. The gang talks debate expectations, ticket splitting, and pinning down undecided voters with a seasoned pro who has run and won federal races throughout PA for more than a decade.

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The Lobby Shop: Battle Born Battleground with Jon Ralston

Nevada: Battle Born Battleground with Jon Ralston

This week’s episode is part of PRG’s Pulse election coverage. Friend of the pod and veteran political journalist Jon Ralston of The Nevada Independent joins The Lobby Shop team for a Pulse Check on what is arguably the most pivotal Senate race in the country. The gang discuss the candidates, political dynamics, demographics, electoral history and more to shed light on why Jon’s #wematter hashtag is more apt than ever.

This episode was also featured in Axios:

? Nevada’s oracle “devastating” threshold

The Nevada Independent’s Jon Ralstonrenowned nationally for his Nevada election analysis, broke down on The Lobby Shop podcast the key factor that will decide Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto’s nail-biter against Republican Adam Laxalt: 

“The Hispanic vote here in Nevada is somewhere between 20% and 15% of the electorate, depending on what the election cycle is. … I have seen no polling that shows Catherine Cortez Masto with the kind of lead she needs among the Hispanic vote. And their only hope is what Democrats have said to me for years here — that a large percentage of the Hispanic vote makes up its mind late, and are driven to the polls by the Democratic turnout machine. But if she doesn’t get well over 60% of the Hispanic vote, if Laxalt can get 40% or more of the Hispanic vote, I think that’s devastating for her.”

Ralston’s bottom line: “If the first Latina ever elected to the U.S. Senate cannot crush Adam Laxalt in the Hispanic vote, she is going to lose, and that is probably going to be a signal to the rest of the country about what’s going on.”

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