The Lobby Shop Episode #28: Reading Congress’ Tea Leaves

Josh and Liam revisit the Friday Five format for this week’s episode, discussing tax reform and yesterday’s budget adoption by the House, the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and talk of US renegotiations and/or withdrawal, Congressional retirements and Senators Corker and Flake, the state of the GOP, and the outlook for Midterm elections.

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The Lobby Shop Episode #25: Budget on the Brain

Welcome to October! Tax reform is the name of the game in Washington right now, so today Josh sits down with new PRG team member and tax policy expert Liam Donovan to break down the process, budget challenges, the latest updates, and his projections for the future.

For Liam’s “No Budget, No Tax Bill” article referenced in this episode, visit

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Liam Donovan on Twitter: @lpdonovan

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Onward and Upward

After nearly 7 memorable years defending the merit shop construction industry alongside the great team at Associated Builders and Contractors, I’ve started a new chapter in my career as a Principal in the Policy Resolution Group at Bracewell LLP. I look forward to helping clients navigate the tax reform process and many other legislative challenges to come.

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