WaPo on Infrastructure (and How to Pay For It)

I spoke with Tory Newmyer of the Washington Post‘s Finance 202 about the prospects of a bipartisan deal on infrastructure and the politics of how to pay for it:

“If the mutual will is there politically, then the funding will be there. If you can broker a deal in principle, the rest will work itself out,” says Liam Donovan, a Republican strategist who lobbies on infrastructure issues. But he said cooperation could break down as a new set of House Democratic chairmen use their subpoena power to launch probes of the Trump administration. “How do you get there with this political cold war in the background?”

The president made the point in his post-election news conference. He said House Democrats could investigate him, “or we can work together. You can’t do them simultaneously, by the way.”

Read the entire piece here.

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Talking Health Care and Gun Control Politics on Fox News

I joined Dana Perino of Fox News‘ Daily Briefing to discuss the aftermath of the midterms and what to expect from the lame duck sessions of Congress, particularly as it relates to health care.

Full segment here:

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