NBC News: ‘A train wreck’: Congress faces a daunting September as deadlines pile up

I spoke to NBC NewsSahil Kapur about the brutal September gauntlet shaping up for Democrats on Capitol Hill.

“Late September stands to be a train wreck for congressional Democrats, with their dual-track strategy on a collision course, but it also presents a faint silver lining in the form of a familiar foe,” said Liam Donovan, a lobbyist and former Republican operative. “There’s virtually no way the reconciliation package can be ready in time to satisfy all the promises that have been made by leadership, meaning President Biden will have to play a more active role as peacemaker.

“The question is whether the muscle memory of fighting Republicans on the debt limit and the rest of the policy cliff helps paper over the party’s divisions and heal intramural wounds,” he added. “Either way, it’s the biggest inflection point left in what might be the last fruitful year of the Democratic trifecta.”

Read the full piece here.

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