Bloomberg Opinion: The NeverTrump Movement’s Surprising Core

I spoke to Bloomberg Opinion columnist Frank Wilkinson about what to make of the fact that erstwhile GOP consultants–a group hardly known for their firm principles–are the ones pushing back against President Trump.

Their turn against Trump is unlikely to be profitable; they surely could’ve reaped millions had they toed the Trumpist line. Meanwhile, the notion that they are somehow poised to compete for control of the Democratic Party is nonsensical on its face. 

Still, these are successful, veteran consultants who have already reaped years of lucrative fees (along with valuable business connections). They are in a position to challenge Trump, says Republican consultant Liam Donovan in an email, “particularly those who have made their mark and can afford to lean into a sense of conscience.” Elected politicians must measure acts of conscience against the likely wrath of the electorate, Donovan adds. But consultants, “however profit-driven they may be, or have been in their prime, always have a constituency of one.”

Read the full piece here.

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