The Lobby Shop Podcast: The Political Crystal Ball with Sean Trende

This week, The Lobby Shop team is joined by returning guest Sean Trende, a Senior Elections Analyst for RealClearPolitics, to talk about the 2022 midterm elections. Tune in as the group offers keen insight into what factors, such as the leaked draft decision from the Supreme Court and Biden’s falling approval ratings, will impact the results.

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A few key highlights

On the House map and the impact of redistricting on the midterms:

On the meaning of the generic ballot numbers at this juncture:

On the Hispanic shift toward the GOP, especially along the Rio Grande Valley:

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National Journal’s Against The Grain Podcast: The Way to Win

I sat down this week with National Journal‘s Josh Kraushaar for his Against the Grain podcast to talk about the midterm outlook, what could go wrong for Republicans, why Democrats have struggled to move the Biden agenda, and take a closer look at the electability of GOP recruits.

A few key moments:

Liam Donovan on what could go wrong for Republicans
Liam Donovan on Eric Greitens and Herschel Walker
Liam Donovan on the Ohio GOP Primary
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