CNN Tonight: McCarthy Breaks Through

I joined CNN‘s Laura Coates, Dana Bash, Phil Mattingly, and Tia Mitchell from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution to discuss the dramatic, whirlwind comeback of Speaker Kevin McCarthy after a protracted stalemate with GOP hardliners.

Watch a clip here.

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CNN Tonight, 11/4/22

I appeared on CNN Tonight with Lauren Coates and a panel that included Democratic strategist Maria Cardova and a revolving seat of PBS’ Laura Barron-Lopez, former RNC aide Doug Heye, and tech journalist Kara Swisher.

Midterm Discussion

Twitter Layoffs

Trump 2024 Chatter

Daylight Savings

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Election Aftermath on CNN

I joined Don Lemon and Bakari Sellers on CNN Tonight to discuss the results of the first major election night of the Biden Presidency, and what it means heading into the midterms.

Here’s a taste:

Full clip can be found here:

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