NYT: To Trump, ‘the Polls That Matter’ Point to Victory. The Rest Are ‘Fake.’

I talked to Maggie Haberman of the New York Times about President Trump’s love-hate relationship with the polls.

Beyond the polling, the fundamentals shaping the electorate, like the economy and the record-breaking coronavirus surge, are “increasingly ominous” for Mr. Trump, said Liam Donovan, a veteran Republican strategist.

“Ironically, the polls may be the best thing the Trump campaign has going for it at this point,” he said.

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CNN: Trump counting on final get-out-the-vote push to fuel narrow path to victory

I talked to CNN‘s Ryan Nobles about the Trump campaign’s ground game and whether it will make the difference in a race that has seen Biden maintain a steady polling lead.

“If this were the down-to-the-wire race we were all expecting through March, that ground effort would be absolutely critical to winning that last point or two at the margin,” said GOP operative Liam Donovan, who is not affiliated with the Trump campaign. “But a fraught public health environment makes the execution tougher than ever, and absent a polling error even bigger than what we saw in 2016, the states at the tipping point just don’t seem to be close enough for it to matter.”

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NYT Magazine: Win or Lose, It’s Donald Trump’s Republican Party

I spoke to Elaina Plott for her cover story for the New York Times Magazine examining the Trump legacy and the long tail of his one-dimensional takeover of the GOP.

Trump’s takeover, by contrast, has been as one-dimensional as it has been total. In the space of one term, the president has co-opted virtually every power center in the Republican Party, from its congressional caucuses to its state parties, its think tanks to its political action committees. But though he has disassembled much of the old order, he has built very little in its place.

“You end up with this weird paradox where he stands to haunt the G.O.P. for many years to come, but on the substance it’s like he was never even there,” said Liam Donovan, a Republican strategist.

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