Axios: 🤫 GOP’s “ostrich routine”

Axios’ Sneak Peek newsletter used a tweet of mine for a news item on the GOP’s approach to the Trump 2024 candidacy.

The Atlantic’s McKay Coppins is out with a piece that captures the central theme of the 2024 GOP primary so far:

  • The vast majority of Republicans desperately want to move on from Trump, but none seem to know exactly how to get rid of him.
  • Their do-nothing strategy is predicated on “hope” that Trump will be taken out by legal troubles, a donor revolt, boredom with politics — or perhaps something more morbid.

Why it matters: The last three election cycles have bolstered the view that Trump is a liability for Republicans, and his behavior is only growing more erratic.

  • Republicans may be able to ignore Trump while his grievances are confined to the MAGA echo chamber that is Truth Social, as GOP strategist Liam Donovan points out.
  • But that “ostrich routine” will become less sustainable as Trump ramps up his campaign travel and potentially returns to Facebook and Twitter.

Read the full newsletter here.

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