Beyond the Bubble: Talking GOP House Strategy with McClatchy

I joined McClatchy’s Alex Roarty and Andrea Drusch of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram to talk about the midterm elections, and how Republicans can elide the tension between appealing to suburban swing voters and the Trumpian base.  My segment begins around the 18 minute mark, or you can listen below.
A full write-up of the episode can be found here:

WASHINGTON — To put the brakes on a possible blue wave, a political strategist who worked on Republican midterms campaigns under the past two presidents says the GOP must find a way to entice suburbanites who dislike President Donald Trump.

That could mean limiting Trump as a campaign tool to fire up the base, even as Republicans raise concerns about low enthusiasm headed into this November’s election, former Senate campaign operative Liam Donovan told Beyond the Bubble Tuesday.

“The people who will be deciding the election in November are people that might not be excited about the president, but still lean Republican or have in the past,” Donovan said.

“There’s going to be a base vote that needs to be turned out, and it’s a matter of pushing the right buttons without repelling the other side,” he added.

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