CNN: Breyer’s retirement gives Senate Democrats a chance to show their base they can deliver

I spoke to CNN‘s Eric Bradner about the Breyer vacancy and the political opportunity the nomination presents to President Biden and his party.

“It’s a timely morale boost for a White House and a party that desperately needs something to cheer about,” said Republican strategist Liam Donovan. “But who is on the Supreme Court will have far less of an impact on the midterms than how the court stands to rule on key cases during their next term.

“The real potential upside for Democrats, Donovan added, was the opening now for Biden’s overall standing to improve — that if a Supreme Court nomination battle and confirmation can bring those who have wavered on the party back into its fold “and get his (approval) numbers out of the low 40s, that’s a big deal.”

“The flip side of this is that there’s not much value for (Republicans) in dragging this out or getting into a personal or divisive confirmation battle, so it’s in everybody’s interest for things to go relatively smoothly,” he said. 

Read the full piece here.

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