NBC: Democrats are nervous about Trump’s persisting edge over Biden on the economy

I spoke to NBC News‘ Sahil Kapur about President Trump’s ongoing advantage on the economy according to public opinion surveys, and what it means for his closing message.

Trump’s other message — that Biden is controlled by anarchists who are inciting violence and crime in major cities — has fallen flat in polls.

Liam Donovan, a lobbyist and former GOP operative, said Trump’s “appeals to law and order definitely resonate with his base” but probably won’t move undecided voters. A positive economic message, however, could be a better closing argument.

“If President Trump is going to win four more years, it is because voters are hopeful about the future, not fearful. After a bumpy 2020, people are looking for some semblance of normalcy or at least hope,” he said. “The recent jobs numbers and anticipated GDP data could easily be worked into the argument that things are under control and moving in that direction.”

Read the full piece here.

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