NBC News: Trump’s throwing everything at Biden, but nothing is sticking

I spoke to Allan Smith from NBC News about the Trump campaign’s kitchen sink strategy toward Biden, and why none of these angles have gotten any real traction to date.

Liam Donovan, an ex-Republican aide now working as a lobbyist, said that while Biden has shortcomings tied to his age and his gaffes, those “flaws are largely shared or otherwise mitigated by Trump himself.”

Donovan added that it’s difficult to spin Biden as a tool of the radical left given that the Democratic primary campaign was heavily focused on whether Biden was out of touch with progressives on climate, racial and economic issues.

“It took a quarter-century to turn Hillary Clinton into the supervillain foil required for Trump to shoot the electoral moon as a challenger,” Donovan said. “And when you’re the incumbent, it turns out these things tend to be about you and your record.”

Read the full piece here.

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