NYT: Filibuster Fight

The New York TimesDavid Leonhardt plugged some of my thoughts on the filibuster in a worthwhile look at the dynamics at play.

The filibuster isn’t going anywhere yet. Some past Democratic supporters of the filibuster — like Senator Jon Tester of Montana and Biden himself — have said they might consider eliminating it if Republicans continued to reject compromise. Others — like Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema — say they remain opposed.

But the issue won’t be decided in the abstract, as the Republican strategist Liam Donovan has noted. When the Senate is next considering a specific bill that has the support of a majority but not a supermajority, that will be the crucial moment.

Read the full piece here.

He could have linked any number of my rants on the subject, but here’s my take in a nutshell:

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