The Dispatch: Does the Democrats’ Cash Advantage Matter?

I spoke to Audrey Fahlberg of The Dispatch for a piece on the massive partisan cash gap on what it might mean for the midterms.

That said, a fair accounting of 2020 can’t leave out the fact that Republican super PACs were able to make up for Senate GOP incumbents’ lackluster fundraising hauls.

“The Republican incumbents who withstood the green wave had more than sufficient resources to get their message out,” said Liam Donovan—a lobbyist and former Republican National Committee [sic] staffer—of the 2020 Senate cycle. “The fear for Republican challengers here is that they won’t have that money.”

Donovan added that when money gets spent matters too: Locking in television ads earlier in the race helps introduce the candidate to the electorate long before voting is underway. “If you get the hang of this fundraising thing by mid-October, voters are already voting and the airtime you want in the markets you want is not necessarily left,” he said.

Read the full piece here.

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