The Economist: Kevin McCarthy’s Sacking Deepens the Chaos in American Government

I spoke to The Economist‘s Adam O’Neal for his piece on Kevin McCarthy’s ouster as Speaker and the implications for the House broadly and Ukraine funding specifically.

The immediate task will be funding the government. The deal to avert a shutdown keeps the government going with a “continuing resolution” (cR) only until November 17th. A Republican strategist, Liam Donovan, reckons Mr Gaetz might be satisfied with Mr McCarthy gone, but other hardliners will not easily accept a long-term funding solution simply because a fresh face is running the House. Government will have to be funded “in a way that is even more anathema to these Republicans than the CR,” Mr Donovan says. Mr McCarthy’s replacement could soon be overseeing a shutdown. Averting a closure could potentially cost the new speaker his job.

Read the full piece ($) here.

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