WaPo: Democrats Really Can’t Save Kevin McCarthy

I spoke to Aaron Blake for his Washington Post piece on the complicated dynamic between Speaker McCarthy’s fate, Matt Gaetz’s gambit, and the House Democrats who face a choice between the two.

Republican strategist Liam Donovan said significant concessions are so unlikely that seeking them would essentially just serve to build the rationale for Democrats to join with the likes of Gaetz in ousting McCarthy. He said the real question is whether Gaetz can marshal the support to oust McCarthy, and the choice for Democrats is between taking McCarthy out and letting Republicans continue to turn on one another.

“Any quid pro quo is a non-starter,” Donovan said. “It’s simply not tenable for McCarthy to be seen as bargaining with Democrats to secure his job. Gaetz knows this, which is precisely why he engineered this situation.”

Read the full piece here.

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