WaPo: McCarthy’s critics shy away from threat to oust him

I spoke to Aaron Blake for his Washington Post piece on the GOP reaction to the debt limit deal, and Speaker McCarthy’s standing within the conference.

And then there’s the question of what the Freedom Caucus would even get out of it. Their protestations notwithstanding, GOP strategist Liam Donovan suggests that it’s not much.

“The question for these guys is how and why a future speaker would be any better for them when the one who was exceedingly accommodating got no quarter,” Donovan said. He added that the Freedom Caucus needs to decide whether “their disappointment is worth blowing up what has been a pretty effective arrangement for them to date.”

Thus far, despite the Freedom Caucus’s demonstrated affinity for blowing things up to make a point, the answer appears to be no.

Read the full piece here.

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