The Lobby Shop: TIME’s Molly Ball on Nancy Pelosi, the Politicization of School Reopenings, and More

This week we are joined by Molly Ball, TIME National Political Correspondent, CNN Political Analyst, and author of NYT bestseller Pelosi, released this May. Liam and Josh host a discussion about Nancy Pelosi’s influence over key political moments in her House career and her ever-evolving role in American politics, as well as a lengthy dive into Molly’s recent reporting on the politicization of reopening schools amidst the continued COVID-19 crisis.

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PRG Pulse: Understanding Ne-VAD-uh with Jon Ralston of The Nevada Independent

This week my colleague Josh Zive and I talked with Jon Ralston, editor of The Nevada Independent, godfather of Silver State political journalism, and a moderator for last week’s Democratic debate in Las Vegas. We check in with Jon about his experience moderating the debate, how he’s analyzing the results of the Nevada caucuses, and what he believes we’ve learned about the future of the presidential race.

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