CNN: Trump’s endorsement power will be put to the test as May primaries approach

I spoke to CNN‘s Mike Warren about the struggles of Trump’s primary picks and what it means and doesn’t mean for his power within the party.

“What it tells me isn’t that Trump has lost his touch, but that he made some objectively questionable picks that didn’t pay off,” said Liam Donovan, a Republican strategist. “In some cases he made picks on a lark, in some he made them because he had a personal ax to grind. There are still a number of messy primaries where his input could make a big difference.”

Trump’s imprimatur can’t and never could make poor candidates into good ones, and more often than not, Trump has bet on lame horses. But this focus on his failure obscures the fact that every GOP nominee will eagerly kiss the ring. In that sense, he already won.

Real the full piece here.

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