Daily Beast: As Senate Republicans Ignore Trump on Infrastructure, House GOP Falls in Line

I spoke to Sam Brodey of the Daily Beast about the bipartisan infrastructure bill, former President Trump’s opposition, and why that has seemed to matter more in the House than the Senate.

But House members, who represent smaller, more ideologically polarized constituencies who decide their fates every two years, are more vulnerable than senators to those kinds of pressures. Liam Donovan, a GOP strategist, explained that dynamic magnifies the apparent disparity in Trump influence that’s on display between the House and Senate.

“The House is a majoritarian institution, and both sides play their role accordingly,” said Donovan. “And the politics are reinforced by its structure—you’re always in cycle, answerable to a narrower constituency, and rarely have the opportunity to forge an independent brand you can fall back on.”

Read the full piece here.

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