HuffPo: Mike Johnson’s Honeymoon as Speaker is So Over

I spoke to Jonathan Nicholson for his Huffington Post piece on the dynamics of the House GOP, and fallout from the topline spending deal announced by Speaker Mike Johnson and Leader Chuck Schumer.

Liam Donovan, a principal with lobbying firm Bracewell LLP, said Johnson is keenly aware of the dynamics in his conference and trying not to antagonize any wing of it. Similarly, he said, Republicans are weary of the image of chaos projected by the speaker battle and have no desire to repeat it.

“Public posturing aside, that should provide the equilibrium necessary to survive coming weeks and months unscathed,” he said.

“Not because the rump that hijacked the chamber in October was sated, chastened, or learned any particular lessons, but because you still can’t put it past them and therefore take nothing for granted,” he said.

Read the full piece here.

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